What about Wooden Homes?

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  • Published Date: June 7, 2015
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A wooden house, it seems as a unique idea or even old one that was used before discovering new ways of building with concrete, actually it is an old idea, but it can solve many of the modern building’s problems, with the high prices of the real estates, we have no choices except searching for new solutions.

Why people refuse wooden homes?

Of course many people don’t accept the idea in the beginning; they are not familiar with such houses, as the concept of having a home represents sources of safety for many people in the Arab world, and when someone thinks about buying a new home he will not take a risk to try something new. People may not accept the idea of the wooden homes due to the material itself, as people can’t consider wood as building material, it is flammable and can be eroded. Plus it will be affected by the climatic conditions and earthquakes. In addition to that, wooden homes need regular maintenance. But with modern technologies of building and new ways of treatment, wooden homes are developed to cope with different conditions and to be anti-erosion. Wooden homes also maybe not appropriate for some places especially where earthquakes and hurricanes happen a lot.

And why they can accept it?

Apart from people’s fears and their refusal to the wooden homes, they choose wood to be the main building material because it is solid and renewable; it saves energy and keeps the temperature, as it works as heat isolation so the wooden home is cool at summer and warm at winter. Wood is a flexible material that you can customize the way you want, so you can change your home design anytime you want with affecting the home structure. Moreover the cost of wood is less than concrete, which is considered to be a perfect solution for high prices of properties.

Despite all of those advantages, we find it hard to provide raw materials especially in countries where there are no forests like Egypt, which increases the cost of transporting woods, plus having a problem with finding experienced manpower in this field.

It is not about finding solutions to face the high prices of real estates, but it’s all about accepting new ideas and tries to apply it on the ground, that’s what exactly happen with wooden homes, as specialists face obstacles in finding experienced manpower and resources, because people don’t accept the idea.


Wooden homes are considered to be one of the successful ideas to overcome the housing crisis; it is applied already in Europe and America and proved that they are good.



489 total views, 1 views today

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