Tips to Design an Eco-Friendly Home

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  • Published Date: January 11, 2017
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The eco-friendly home is not only useful for the environment but it is also a saving thing in general. For example, the design of the green home depends on the usage of the renewable resources that save water, energy, and do not pollute the environment besides saving money. So, the following ideas will help you to design a luxurious eco friendly home:

1- Use Eco-Friendly Doors and Windows

The doors that have glass windows help in entering light into your home, but it also does not warm the home. So, choose the main door of your home without windows and make sure that it is made from an eco-friendly type of wood and recycled materials that save lots of energy.

2- Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

Choose eco-friendly materials like wood and aluminum as it does not pollute the surrounding environment.

3- Choose Natural Gas for the Oven

Natural gas for an oven is the best choice for designing an eco-friendly home, as burning the woods lead to removing the forests and cause polluted gases.

4- Use Eco-Friendly Walling Materials

Make your Roof an eco-friendly one and a productive one for positive energy. So, you can use the aluminum as it can resist temperature and can be recycled.

5- Warm or Cool your Home via using a Renewable Energy

Using solar panels is a common idea in the world of designing green homes as it decreases the use of energy and at the same time it produces energy. The solar panels may be expensive, but it will increase the value of your home while buying it and the electricity bill will decrease also as the natural gas is another good choice.

6- Using Grass Floors

The bamboo is one of the most common types in flooring the green homes as it last for long time, renewable, and grow quickly. So, choose the bamboo grass to design an eco-friendly home instead of the solid floors.

7- Boil Water Via Solar Energy

Boiling water via solar energy is considered as one of the best ways to save energy as this will decrease the electricity bill and you will have a warm water always.

8- Paint your Walls with Natural Paintings

The designers of green buildings start using paint that is free of the volatile organic compounds as the natural ones consist of natural oils and other safety eco-friendly materials.

9- Eco-Friendly Water Tubes

Avoid using plastic that contains many harmful materials as you can use clay for the pipes of the infrastructure. The aluminum is a good material for the tubes of your green home.

10- Buy a Recycled Furniture

The designers of the green homes advise us to use recycled furniture. Choose original cotton for the covers of the beds and also you can use the recycled polyester for the cushions.


One can say that there are many ways to make your home an eco-friendly one as you can apply any of the previously mentioned ideas and use the tackled materials to save the environment and be away from any pollution. Also, these tips participate in lowering the costs while preparing your home in a totally efficient way.

574 total views, 3 views today

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