Strange Places for Living

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  • Published Date: July 7, 2015
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While many people search about appropriate home with suitable price, where they can find safety and be attached to their place, others think about completely different thoughts for having a home, above the tree, under the water and inside mountains too. This is not a fairytale but it’s an amazing truth, we will discuss some of them:

Homes above Trees

Maybe it was a childhood idea, but recently it became an amazing truth, as many architecture designs are built nowadays above trees, the design depends mainly on wood with some other building materials, and the whole building based on the tree itself not the branches. It’s a touristic idea too; some hotels allow their customers to reserve a suite in one of those homes.

Homes beneath Water

It’s not a joke, yes you can live under water, and many people search for a home with an amazing view, a sea or a garden, but those homes with their designs enables you to be inside the sea, surrounded by marine creatures and the most amazing view ever.

Homes inside Mountains

Sculpts homes in the heart of the mountains is an old idea, but with the trend of going back to nature, those houses became touristic attractions in many countries like Cappadocia in Turkey, they allow tourists to have a good stay.

Those ideas are for untraditional people who have spirit of adventure, they even think about building houses underneath the earth to avoid traffic above.


Those home represent a revolution in the field of architecture designing with a completely different environment. It may give hope of building many homes there in near future.

500 total views, 2 views today

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