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  • Published Date: July 27, 2015
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Short time ago we were depending on customized products, like clothes, food or even furniture, but after that we start buying our needs directly from commercial shops. Recently we could even buy ready homes; this expression appears to define the homes that are made in factories and then moved to the site.

Ready homes are considered to be an amazing solution for housing problem, as there are many types of ready homes, like Caravan which is a big truck which include a home inside with all the basics, you can even drive it to wherever you want. You can design your home, control how it is divided and choose the material, wood or iron.

Another type is those homes which are designed and prepared in the factory and then collected together and installed in the site, other times the whole home is made in the factory and then moved to the site directly, plumbing and electrical fixtures are fixed in the home itself, you can put wheels under the home and move it from place to another.

May be it’s an untraditional idea but it started to be known as many people consider a practical and quick solution for housing problem, it is built based on developed technological technique and the concrete that is used in traditional homes, and wood too, as engineers can mix concrete and wood together when manufacturing those homes. Not only that, those homes are ecofriendly in most times, they are designed of recycled materials which are the remains of other industries.

The advantages of ready homes:

  • Low cost
  • Save time
  • Doesn’t need many workforces
  • You can control the design, the space and the shape of the house
  • Can be moved easily

Ready homes are considered to be an ideal way to solve housing problem specially when building complete residential communities, through those homes, governments can save a lot of money and allow people who search for a homes to owe their owns, although many people don’t accept the new ways and creative ideas, sometimes going for creative ways is the best.


You can benefit from this idea and design your home but under the supervision of specialized company, this will save you times, effort and money.





526 total views, 1 views today

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