New Capital of Egypt : New Life

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  • Published Date: April 20, 2017
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The new capital of Egypt is a reflection of the new life, the successful investment, entertainment, elegance, and economic growth.

So, If you’re an investor, a young man, or a father who aims to guarantee a great life for his family members, then you need to pay for your unit now.

In this article, Aqarat4u will tackle the services and features of the new capital:

  • It’s located in a strategic location as it’s a 60 km away from Cairo, Ain-Sokhna, and Suez,
  • It`s consist of compounds and elegant buildings,
  • The area of the capital is 170 thousand acres,
  • The new international airport is ready now inside the new capital,
  • The buildings are finished in a high quality as stairs are made of marble,
  • As for the flooring of the units, it’s made of porcelain and HDF floorings which guarantee elegance,
  • Every unit overlooks a green area and 6 lanes,
  • A committee approved from the Ministry of Housing supervises the finishing process,
  • The new capital contains ministries area which is almost 1630 acres. It consists of facilities, water networks, sewage, and irrigation. Also, this area is supposed to be finished at 1/9/2017,
  • Tahrir square, house of representatives, ministries, and conference hall will be moved to the new capital which will decrease the load and crowd of Cairo,
  • Also, roads that lead to the new capital will be renewed such as Suez road which will be provided with bridges,
  • One of the most important things in the new capital is the new power station which is considered as one of the most powerful stations all over the world as it’s characterized by depending on air cooling system using 12 giant fans, unlike the normal stations which depend mainly on a water source. The station works 65% efficiently.

Of course, the New Capital of Egypt will be a great change and will be a solution for the crowd of Egypt.

1,586 total views, 1 views today

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