Living in Ground Floors or Upper Floors?

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  • Published Date: October 8, 2017
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While renting or buying an apartment, there are many important factors that shall be taken into consideration to guarantee comfort. However, there is another mere vital factor which is which floor shall we live in? That’s why Aqarat4u will tackle the advantages and the disadvantages of Ground Floors or Upper Floors which help you to choose what suits you the most.

Upper Floors:

One of the advantages of living in upper floors is that you can enjoy the fresh air and you will be away from the hassle of the street and the vendors of the street. Also, you will have the roof where you can enjoy your time and make your own place via putting chairs and table to read, study, or even enjoying quietness.

On the contrary, you will not like using the ladder if the elevator got damaged which will be too hard if you are living in the 12th floor for example. However, in summer you will suffer from the heat and in winter you will suffer from the rainy days and the rains that may damage your home.

Ground Floors:

If you are thinking about living in a ground floor especially if this apartment overlooks a garden, you will definitely enjoy the fresh air of the garden where you can take your breakfast. Also, you will not suffer from using ladders while going in or out.

On the contrary, you will be near to the street which means hassle and crowd. Also, a lot of dust will enter the home if your apartment overlooks the street. However, you may suffer from robbery as your apartment is near to the street and will be easy to be robbed.

Aqarat4u tried to tackle the advantages and disadvantages of living in upper and ground floors. Tell us which one suits you the most?

2,273 total views, 1 views today

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