Which New City you will choose to live in?

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  • Published Date: July 25, 2017
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As we all know that there is a constant population increment and we all suffer from crowdedness, so most of us want to run away from Cairo and go to the new cities like 15th of May city, 10th of Ramadan, Al-Abour, and others. However, while we are choosing the New City that we are going to live in, there are many other factors that impact our choices like the availability of the public services, the average price per meter, the standard of living, and many other factors.

So, Aqarat4u will tackle with you some of the new cities that may help you while choosing the city that suits you the most. Let’s see:

Badr City

If you are searching for green areas, fresh air, and a place that has all the public facilities like electricity, water, and sewage, you gonna choose to live in Badr city as it has everything and you will not need to go outside the city; even when you need to finish a governmental paper or something,

Hadek Al-Ahram

If privacy and safety is the first priority for you, Hadek Al-Ahram will be the best for you as it is surrounded by a wall from the outside. Also, you will find a club, gardens, health center, school, mosques, and other facilities that you may need. So, we are talking about a full integrated community,

New Heliopolis

If you need to have everything around you like clubs, shopping malls, commercial and administrative facilities, besides the green areas, New Heliopolis will suit and your family.

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1,255 total views, 1 views today

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