Do you know what Mortgage Fund is?

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  • Published Date: March 2, 2017
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Real Estate field is a large field that all of us feel confused because of the rumors that we all hear about real estate fraud and brokers; especially after the increment of prices and the floating of the Egyptian pound. So, Aqarat4u decided to start a series of information to aware the citizens about anything related to real estate. Let’s talk today about “Mortgage Fund”.

Mortgage Fund

Is the method or the thing that helps and funds you to be able to buy the suitable property. In other words, it saves money for you to buy or build a property. Also, mortgage fund is not only about buying or building, it also helps in developing and rebuilding the properties. So, the question is, who is responsible for such fund and who legislates the laws? The financial supervisory authority is responsible for observing the activities of mortgage fund which saves the needed fund to build, buy, or develop the residential units, the administrative ones, the commercial, and other units.

Role of Mortgage Fund Entities and its Importance for Citizens

The role of mortgage fund entities is to guide and spread awareness among the buyers concerning the available units in real estate companies. Also, it provides you with the names of the brokers that are under the supervision of the financial supervisory authority.


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823 total views, 1 views today

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