Infraction Buildings: Shall you live in it or not?

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  • Published Date: September 27, 2017
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When we are going to choose the place that we gonna live in it, we care a lot about choosing what suits us concerning the prices, the size, the area, the standard of living, and many other factors. But, let’s say that there is a mere vital factor which is Infraction Buildings and if the apartment that you are about to buy or rent is a licensed one or not? Are you going to live in it?

So, Aqarat4u will tackle this and everything related to building infraction.

  • Let’s agree upon that the building law that is launched in 2008, has declared that the maximum height of the building shall not be more than one meter and a half from the width of the street. So, let’s say that if the width of the street is 10 meters, the height of the buildings shall not exceed 15 meters,

So, how to measure the height of the building itself? It can be measured from the lowest point till the highest point.

  • Also, it is vital to know that the percentage of the buildings shall not exceed the 75% of the whole area of the land; as you will guarantee not living in a crowded place.

However, in the new cities, you shall know that the governmental institutions that give the building license are the one that determines the number of floors according to the street’s width.

Also, you shall ask about the concrete and its percentage that is used in building as you will guarantee that the temperature of the home will not increase as the concrete absorbs the temperature, unlike the bricks.

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1,867 total views, 1 views today

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