Important Things to Check while Moving to a New Apartment

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  • Published Date: April 9, 2015
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During the process of searching for a new apartment you will come across lots of apartments that may seem perfect at the beginning, but there are lots of factors that will help you differentiate between them and determine which apartment is the best for you. We recommend you to ask about these topics before choosing an apartment.

Do not forget to ask whether there are parking spaces designated for residents or not. In crowded neighborhoods, finding a parking space could become a huge problem that could bring you discomfort, which is why it is recommended to choose an apartment in a building that provides parking spaces.

The importance of this point varies from one neighborhood to another. The presence of private security to protect the building and the residents is more important in certain neighborhoods. This is why we recommend asking about the security system in the building and the area.

You should ask about what utilities are available in the apartment and which of them is under your responsibility. Do not forget to ask about water, electricity and gas and the billing system and the trash system. It is also important to ask the flat owners whether they provide frequent maintenance or not. Also ask about internet connections.

There are lots of options that when are available in a building increase the value of an apartment, such as central air conditioning and elevators.  It is also important to ask about smoke alarms and fire extinguishers for personal safety concerns. You might also ask about how old is the building and whether it will be subject to renewals soon or not, because you might not want to live in a building that is going through constructions.

Make sure to choose a neighborhood that provides you with the basic services you need such as schools, hospitals, nurseries, clubs, playgrounds and malls, it is preferred to choose a neighborhood that is far from traffic jams.

Try to get to know residents of the same neighborhood or building and ask them about their personal experience and would they recommend you to live in that area or not.

the most basic part of the moving process is reading the lease and understanding it well, preferably with someone with legal experience or a lawyer. Don’t forget to ask about the increase rate of the rent, the monthly date for paying it and the time of the renewal of the lease.

If you’re a pet lover don’t forget to ask whether the building allows pets or no and whether there are certain pets that are not allowed or not.


After having collected all of the previous information you must now have a clear idea about the differences between the available apartments. We wish you the best of luck and a comfortable home.

521 total views, 1 views today

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