Solutions for Housing Problem

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  • Published Date: May 4, 2015
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Housing problem is considered as one of the big problems that does not have a radical solution for it. However, there are solutions for it. Those solutions can be divided into government’s role via providing lands and raw material, and people’s role to accept those solutions instead of the traditional ones. Although many developed countries always try to go for creative solutions for housing problem to reduce cost and make use of the small spaces, but in Egypt many people don’t accept those solutions in a way or another. They always prefer traditional houses. So thinking about new and creative solutions need to be  accepted to be able to apply it.

The most important thing while buying a land or a house is the space. So the first solution is to provide small pieces of land to be built. This is an applicable solution, because in the Arab world we don’t have problem in spaces. So, we can provide lands with small spaces that can be built easily to solve housing problem.

High prices of building material is considered to be one of the most important reasons of high prices of real estate. We can go for other raw material rather than the concrete and the traditional raw material. For example, we can follow the concept of load-bearing walls which can save costs of the material and the labor force.

Recycling, yes it is one of the effective solutions in housing problem. Maybe you used to link between recycling and the small things that can be recycled and reused, but it is a big definition. One of the solutions that depend on the concept of recycling and is implemented in developed countries is houses made of containers, which are recycled and reshaped as a house.

Mobile houses or “Caravan” become one of the greatest solutions for housing problem recently for many reasons including low costs. You can choose the design and space, and it can be moved easily. So, if we provide a land and divide it well for many caravans, we can make successful housing projects.

To have effective solutions for housing problem we need both government and people’s roles. Government should believe that it become a necessity to have creative solutions for such problem. On the other hand, people need to accept those solutions.


Thinking about new solutions for housing problem become an important thing to face high prices, slums, and to provide suitable homes for low income people. So we have to plan well to apply those solutions.


525 total views, 1 views today

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