What is meant by Healthy Home?

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  • Published Date: December 3, 2015
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We always think about healthy food, drinks or even a healthy way of living, but we rarely care about building a healthy house, with special specifications suitable for our health, although our home affect us physically and psychologically.

It’s all about the home design, then decoration and choosing healthy materials for furnishing.

1- Design specification

Choose a good location away from humidity

The unit should include good ways of ventilation

Sun rays can in

2- Interior Design

Distribute windows for good ventilation and distribution of natural light, especially in kitchen and bathroom.

Divide rooms on both home’s sides

Design the kitchen’s place to be far away from rooms.

3- Kitchen

It should include a window with suitable dimensions for ventilation, let the sun rays in, and dismiss vapors.

It’s recommended to choose ceramic tiles for walls to be easy to clean

Put in mind the work triangle in kitchen, fridge should be near the kitchen entrance, the cooker should be near the window, and the washtub should be near the source of lighting.

4- Bathroom

Care about bathroom’s walls, they are more vulnerable than other walls

Re-paint and maintain those walls with cracks and humidity.


Choose the right design for your home is very important, it keep your physical and psychological health.





547 total views, 1 views today

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