Green Buildings … Why it is not a Good Housing Solution?

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  • Published Date: August 3, 2016
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Green buildings? Did you hear about this before? They are eco-friendly buildings. However, some people think that it will be the future way of building. Although some countries adopt the idea of green buildings because of its efficiency and usage of the available resources in a total smart way, it is not suitable for all countries because it depends on specific certain natural conditions. But what are the disadvantages of green buildings? This is what Aqarat4U will tackle in the following lines:

  • Specific Location: These buildings depend on the sun to get energy, so it needs a perfect location that sun rays can easily reach it,
  • Building Material: Such buildings depend on natural materials. On the contrary, getting such materials is not that easy at all especially in the countries that do not care about environment while establishing building projects,
  • Cooling System: Such buildings depend on the sun to generate energy, that’s why it is not provided with any cooling system. So, it can’t be used in the tropical hot countries,
  • Need Time: It takes more time to be built as it depends on specific certain designs which give the higher priority to the environmental conditions,
  • Cost: Green buildings cost a lot of money because it depends on certain natural materials that may not be available all the time in many places.

After mentioning the cons of green buildings, one can say that it is a practical idea that can be used in some places, but we can’t consider it as a solution for housing problem in many places as mentioned previously.


If you’re interested in finding and knowing new ways of buildings, you will definitely like the idea of the green buildings and know if it is a good solution or not?

531 total views, 3 views today

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