Green Building

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  • Published Date: June 25, 2015
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The environment is exposed daily to drain their resources, making green building best way to preserve the environmental resources and the rationalization of energy consumption. Green buildings can be defined as buildings are be constructed by using environment resources to reduce the waste of used energy and is working on the air conditioning and renovated at home by using natural insulating materials.

Advantages of Green Building

  • Low cost

The construction of these buildings is using the natural resources unlike conventional buildings, which may need to more industrial processes to obtain the required materials. Low cost don’t not stop on construction only but it includes repair operations where the availability of materials and easily treated.

  • Energy-saving

Green building design is based on the provision of energy sources and the use of alternative resources such as the use of solar energy, which provides electrical energy wasted. The buildings are equipped to re-natural water such as rain water recycling and re-use it properly and for several purposes.

  • Investment

Green buildings are considered a lucrative field of investment, as these buildings is more expensive because of their benefits and raised a good return on their inhabitants.

  • Safety

These buildings provide security for residents, as the less use of gases, chemicals and consumables for electricity.


From the above, definition of green building and its importance to the environment and various benefits such as low cost, energy-saving resources, investment potential, and providing of safety means.

403 total views, 1 views today

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