Governorates Residents: Nearest New Cities in Cairo

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  • Published Date: September 5, 2017
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Most of us are governorates residents, but our work or study is in Cairo. So, we get confused while choosing the best place to live in concerning the available facilities, services, and the nearest transportation from our origin governorates; to ease traveling anytime. That’s why, Aqarat4u will tackle the new cities in Cairo that are near to your governorate and you can live in it. Let’s see:

    • If you are a Delta resident like Sharqiya, Gharbeya, or El- Monfia, you can live in the New Capital of Egypt, New Cairo, Madinaty, Al-Rehab, or Al-Obour. It will be the best choice for you as there are the needed services, facilities, schools, universities, cafes, clubs, transportation, and everything you need,

If you need to know more about Madinaty, check this:

Why living in Madinaty?

  • If you are from Alexandria, you can live in 6 of October city, Sheikh Zayed city. Sheikh Zayed is one of the quietness places and has all the needed services like the educational institutions, the holy places, clubs, and entertainment places,
  • While Upper Egypt residents will find that the 6 of October city will be near to them (concerning the transportation). Also, if you are a student, there are many universities there,
  • Finally, if you are from Ismailia or Suez, there are new cities like Al- Obour, fifth settlement, Madinaty, and Al-Shorouk which will suit you the most.

From here, you can check the advantages and the average price per meter in Sheikh Zayed city, 6 of October, and fifth settlement:

With Prices: Aqarat4u Guide to live in Cairo

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2,695 total views, 1 views today

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