The First Residential Compound in the New Capital of Egypt

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  • Published Date: April 24, 2017
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As you used to know the new things from Aqarat4u and as we tackled before the advantages of the new capital of Egypt, today we will show you a documentary film about the new capital and how it is considered as a great new phase. But, before seeing the video, it is time to know more about the first residential compound in the new capital of Egypt. The compound is for “Better Home” company and the project is named “MidTown”. Of course, all of us know the history of “Better Home” in fifth settlement and October.

Let us talk more about this project. MidTown will be in the new capital of Egypt, in front of Expo City, Al-Masa Hotel, and next to the central park. The compound is along almost 50 acres. It is divided into: 310 Town House units, 62 Twin House unit, and 16 villa. However, the total is 388 residential units.

However, if we are going to talk about the prices there, the town house starts from 8.2 million, the twin house starts from 4.7 million while the villas start from 4.6 million. Moreover, there are commercial shops which starts from 25.000 per meter. However, what is really different about this project is that there are many facilities over 6 years without benefits and only 10% down payment. The delivery will be in 1/7/2020 and also there will be a 30% discount for cash payment.

Now, it is time to see this video about the New Capital of Egypt.

5,708 total views, 1 views today

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