First Investment Fund in Egypt … Naeem Real Estate Investment Fund

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  • Published Date: July 17, 2017
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Real estate Investment funds which the Financial Supervisory Authority seeks to develop via the suitable legislation, is considered as one of the most valuable steps that help in reviving the real estate investment in Egypt.

Let us say that real estate fund is not only for companies and corporations, it is also for individual members or entities.

If we are talking about real estate fund in the Egyptian market nowadays, there are Neem Real Estate Investment Fund, Al-Masryeen Real Estate Fund, and Housing & Development Bank Fund which is still under construction, while Al-Masryeen Real Estate Fund targets lands and unconstructed projects which almost 50 million pounds is offered for public subscription.

While Naeem Real Estate Fund aims to invest in real estate and properties that are already rented which the income of these properties are almost one billion pounds and approximately 800 million pound is for public subscription. So, Naeem real estate is the first real estate investment fund in Egypt that can get the licenses from the Financial Supervisory Authority.

However, let’s say that one of the advantages of these funds is the availability of financial part (money) that allows the investors to invest in buying lands, bank certificates, and many others. Also, these funds are a good chance for investors to have a variety in investments. In other words, you will be able to invest in many properties not only one. This is to avoid loss in the case of currency drop. Thus, investment will be in many properties which will be a good income for the investors.

To conclude, real estate fund is one of the effective ways that participate in reviving the real estate investment in general and the economy in particular.

1,501 total views, 1 views today

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