Finishing your Apartment: Aqarat4U Steps

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  • Published Date: May 29, 2017
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As Aqarat4u used to be with step by step and tackled with how to choose the suitable apartment (renting or buying), how to market your property, how to avoid real estate fraud and many other real estate topics that we have discussed. Today, Aqarat4u will tackle another vital phase after renting or buying an apartment which is “ Finishing Stage”. Let’s see:

The finishing stage is divided into three phases which are: the installation phase, the cladding or the conch phase, and the final finishing phase.

  • The Installation Phase:

  • This is the phase of doing the electrical issues, the carpentry works, and the plumbing also. Besides, one can also specify the electrical outlets, the frames of the doors and the windows, and crack the walls. Also, there are the plumbing works which is one of the main phases ever as one shall care more about the used materials as if there is any damage happened, it will affect the whole building,
  • The Cladding or the Conch Phase:

  • Here you can use a normal gypsum or gypsum walls to conch the ceilings and the cornices,
  • The Finishing Phase:

  • the final finishing phase is divided into several phases. One shall paint the walls, doors, and windows. Also, completing the electrical works, the plumbing, installing the basins, etc.

Aqarat4u is always with you step by step to help in finding the suitable apartment for you.

1,566 total views, 1 views today

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