Different Types of Apartments

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  • Published Date: April 10, 2016
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Living in a relaxing house and feeling that comfortable, is the core while choosing our lifetime home. People are different in their needs and requirements.  Besides, they are different in choosing the things and the options that make them feel and enjoy the tranquility; regarding their personalities. That’s why, it is vital to be that careful and take your time while choosing and deciding to buy that certain house.

In the following few lines, A qarat4U  will tackle with you one of the important topics -which is the different types of apartments- which will help you to decide the type that suits you the most and many other information that may help you.

Types of Apartments

There are different kinds of apartments which are as follows:

The Studio Apartment

Studio apartment or known also as studio flat is that type of apartments that is suitable for a single person who is living alone. It consists of one single room. This room has a small kitchen, living room, and a bed room; all these are built in a single room.


Condominium apartment or known also as “Condo” is the type of apartment that is owned by a group of people but the contract is signed and legally named by only one person. The rest of the peoples rent rooms individually and pay the rent.

Loft Apartment

This kind of apartments is somehow similar to the studio apartment, but the difference is that “loft” can extend to three bedrooms unlike the studio flat. This loft apartment is consists of a one large room that is located in a building –which is converted from commercial to residential.


House is our kingdom where we can enjoy peace of mind and tranquility. That’s why, it is important to be careful while choosing it and provide it with all the needed means of entertainment. Besides, it is vital to bear in mind its location also. Moreover, it is important to know more about the variable kinds of apartments before buying your dream home.


628 total views, 6 views today

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