Difference between Savings and Investment

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  • Published Date: July 12, 2016
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Future planning and drawing specific steps for the next period of life, is something that all of us do to guarantee suitable life standards. That’s why, there are two ways of planning that people tend to abide. The first one is savings and the other one is investing.

In the following few lines, Aqarat4U will tackle the difference between these two terms besides showing the pros and the cons of each one.


Savings is a sort of collecting, keeping, and saving money for a short-term usage. It is the other face of the “unused” income that is kept in the bank –for instance– to be used while needed for emergencies. For example, needing money for finical issues, to travel, or to buy furniture. Savings is keeping the assets for future planning.

2- Investment

Unlike savings, investment is a long-term saving. People tend to investment to achieve long term goals. Real estate investment, investment funds, stocks and bonds are a clear example of investment. Besides, investment is the desire of increasing your savings while time passes.

Why to go for Investment

Investment and especially real estate investment is good way to save your money, increase your income, and to guarantee a good living standard. However, it is worth to mention that investment in real estate or in gold are a profitable matter as their prices are increasable by time; it is affected by the general economic and finical status of the country.


Savings or Investment are two sides of the same coin. It is a way to guarantee a good living and save money. However, it is important to decide carefully and know your steps if you need a long or a short term profit.

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