Defects to take care of while Renting or Buying a Property

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  • Published Date: October 12, 2017
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To choose the suitable apartment that you used to dream about, wither Renting or Buying a Property you absolutely passed a lot of steps like finding the suitable price, the suitable place (area), dealing with brokers, and maybe being a victim of real estate fraud, and many other factors that we Aqarat4u has tackled before. So, it is supposed that by choosing the suitable apartment that you are done. But, unfortunately, you may find lots of defects after Buying a Property and signing the contract.

That’s why Aqarat4u will tackle the defects that the owner may hide it like:

  • Out the Apartment:

    Sometimes the apartment’s license may be illegal and the owner did not mention that to the buyer or the tenant or the owner later builds extra illegal floors (infraction) which affect the building or maybe the chosen apartment is illegal and you do not know. So, you have to make sure of the licenses before renting or buying,

  •  Inside the Apartment: Wall and Ceiling Cracks:

  • Sometimes and especially if it is a finished furnished one, it becomes easy to hide the cracks and the peeling of the wall and the ceiling via putting a flora vase, a corner in front of the wall, or some paintings and drawings to hide all of these. So, you have to check the apartment well before buying or renting it.

It is vital to be attentive to the details while choosing your apartment. Follow Aqarat4u to know all the news about real estate.

1,941 total views, 1 views today

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