Common Disputes between Owners and Tenants

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  • Published Date: March 14, 2017
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Of course, most of us dealt with property owners before, or about to deal with them and most of us do not know what shall be done and also afraid from the common problem and disputes that we all hear about like the greediness of owners especially if we are a tenant or a buyer for the first time

 So, Aqarat4u decided to tackle with you these common disputes and problem that you may face while dealing with the owners and how to protect yourself. These problems are:

  • Not providing and Cutting the main Facilities:

  • Most of the owners believe that because they are the owners, they have the right to expel the tenants out anytime. Also, they use some illegal ways to force the tenants to leave the apartment. They do not provide the property with the main facilities like water, electricity, and gas,
  • Increase or Change the Rental Price:

  • One of the common problems that most of the tenants face is the increment in the rental price as a sort of the general increment in prices. The owners increase the rental price without negotiating or discussing the matter with the tenant,
  • Not having a Periodical Maintenance for the Property:

  • Sometimes the owners forget to do a periodical maintenance for the property and consider it as one of the tenant’s duties. On the contrary, it is one of the owners’ duties. As not doing such maintenance, cause great damages and the tenants at the end are the ones who suffer from all of these; like worn pipes, broken stairs, suspended elevator, and many other problems,
  • How to Make a Home Maintenance?

  • The Insurance amount:

  • All of us know that to rent an apartment, one shall pay an insurance amount at the beginning to the owner. But, unfortunately, sometimes when the tenant wants to leave the apartment, the owner refused to return that amount of insurance back.

There are lots of disputes and problems between the owners and the tenants. So, to avoid it, one shall make sure of the items of the contract and revise it well as it is the only thing that guarantees the rights of both sides.

1,709 total views, 1 views today

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