Avoid these Streets in Eid Vacation

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  • Published Date: June 19, 2017
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As Eid Al-Fitr is almost around the corner and the vacation season will start, people start to think about how to spend the Eid Vacation where, and how to enjoy each and every moment. So, we will find some people think about traveling, other think about spending the vacation at home with the family, while the rest think about outing and hanging out. So, whether you will travel or stay at home, of course, you will go outside.

That’s why Aqarat4u decided to guide you to the crowded streets that you shall avoid this Eid. Let’s see:

  • If you live in Giza, you already know the crowdedness of Al-Sudan Street off Faisal Bridge and Mourad Street traffic jam. Also, there is Al-Haram tunnel, Al-Tahrir Street, and Dokki Square,
  • If you are a Cairoian, there is Salah Salem Street which is known for its overcrowded streets which make you feel as if the population increases every now and then,
  • October Bridge is one of the most crowded places ever where you feel as if you do not move while other things do and you just try to get out of such crowd,
  • Also, there is Al-Nasr Road which all of us know it’s overcrowdedness and we spend lots of time in it,
  • Besides, there is Abbas Al-Akkad and Hasanain Haikal Streets which are known for their endless traffic jam. So, if you have an appointment at 6 o’clock, you can go out two hours earlier before the scheduled timing,
  • And finally, if you are from Shubra, you, of course, know the traffic jam of Shubra Street and Al-Teraa Street which is a non-ending crowd and surrounds you from all sides.

Of course, you do not want to spend Al-Eid vacation in the traffic jam and waste lots of time. That’s why Aqarat4u tried to tell you the most crowded streets that you shall avoid to enjoy your Eid vacation.

806 total views, 1 views today

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