As an Expatriate: What about Housing?

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  • Published Date: May 7, 2017
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Most of the expatriate students who come to continue their studies in Cairo, they do not prefer to stay in a house for students as it is not that comfortable and there are lots of problems and no privacy. Besides, there are lots of students who share the room with you. That’s why, here comes the need for renting an apartment.

So, Aqarat4u will help you in finding the apartment that suits you and the average prices in many places that are near the universities. Let’s see:

  • Places near Cairo University:

  • If you study at Cairo University, Egyptian University for e-Learning, Future Academy, or October University for Modern Sciences and Literature, you will need an apartment in Giza, Faisal, and Haram. There you will find many public services, entertainment, and health facilities. Besides, there are many restaurants and cafes. Also, you will find many pharmacies and hospitals like Roshdy, Delmar, and Al Azabi Pharmacies, and Om El-Masreen Hospital, Al-Haram, and Al-Zohor Hospital. The average rental price in Giza is almost 2500, while it is 2000 in Al-Haram and 1300 in Faisal,
  • Places near Ain-Shams University:

  • If you study at Ain-Shams University, you will need to stay at Al-Abbasiya or Hadayek El Kobba. Al-Abbasiya is a lively place where there are lots of supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes. Also, there are many co-working spaces to study at it. Besides, you will find many pharmacies and hospitals like Chest Diseases Hospital, Air Force Hospital, and Dar Al Shifa Hospital. However, the average price in Al-Abbasiya is almost 1700,
  • Places near the German University, American University, and Canadian University:

  • If you study there, you will need to search for an apartment in the fifth settlement which with the aid of Aqarat4u, you will be able to choose living inside or outside a compound. Also, we can provide you with a villa and a roommate and meals. Furthermore, the average price there is almost 5000 and also you can find MacDonald’s, Air Hospital and New Cairo Hospital,
  • If you study in the British University or the Russian University, you will need to live in Al-Shorouk city. The average prices in Al-Shorouk city are almost 3000. Also, there are many restaurants and public services. Besides, you will find many transportations even it is provided by the city itself or public transportation.

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1,114 total views, 1 views today

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