All you need to Know about Madinaty

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  • Published Date: October 17, 2017
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A few days ago, the New Capital of Egypt was inaugurated that’s why many people think about living there as they will find all the needed services and facilities that they may need, or thinking about living in the new cities like Madinaty. So, it is worth to mention what differentiate Madinaty from other cities.

So, in the following few lines, Aqarat4u will tackle some instructions concerning Madinaty to ease the living there.

What about the different colors of Pavements?

What is really unique about Madinaty is the various colors of pavements/ sidewalks to regulate the traffic there. For example, there is the yellow-black pavement which means that it is not allowed to stay here, the white-yellow one which indicates that you are not allowed to stay here “at all”. Also, there are the blue-white pavements in the arrival and the departure stations, while the white-black one which means that you are allowed to stay here.

What about the division of Madienty’s Groups and Areas?

Madinaty’s areas are known by a total organization to ease to the residents the way they know their group. You only need to check the number of your group from the left. To make it clear, if your group is 34, the area will be B3, group 67 will be in area number B6, and the group 123 will be B12 area and so on.

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4,072 total views, 1 views today

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