Alexandria means Mahatet El-Raml

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  • Published Date: May 15, 2017
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Alexandria the bride of the Mediterranean Sea … Once we hear “Alexandria”, the first thing that comes to our mind is the beautiful weather, the marvelous beaches, and enjoying the summer vacation there. That’s why, Aqarat4u will tackle today Alexandria especially Mahatet El-Raml and the touristic places there. Let’s see:

Mahatet El-Raml

Mahatet El-Raml is one of the most famous and oldest squares in Alexandria. What really differentiate it from others, is its amazing architecture. It makes you feel as if you are in a European city. You will find the huge Florentine buildings. Not only that, but also you will find the cultural cafes and palaces.

Why it is called Mahatet El-Raml?

If we are going to tackle why it is called Mahatet El-Raml, we shall mention that, in ancient ages, it was a desert and there were lots of oases that people went there in the raining season to feed their sheep. However, when time passes, a huge water pump was built and people start to live there. Also, the first tram was found there and it became the station of tram (Mahatet El-Raml).

The Known Places in Mahatet El-Raml

  • Church of St. Mark, which is considered as one of the most famous churches in Egypt,
  • Alexandria Tram Station,
  • Commander Ibrahim Mosque,
  • Saad Zaghloul statue; sculptured by Mahmoud Mokhtar,
  • Cecil hotel which is known by its magnificent Florentine style,
  • The Italian Consulate,
  • World Health Organization,
  • Cinemas; like cinema radio and royal cinema,
  • Fouad Street which is one of the ancient streets. Also, you will find many theaters, such as Sayed Darwish Theater (Opera House).

Of course, if you are going to spend time at Alexandria, you shall not miss visiting Mahatet El-Raml to enjoy its beauty and touristic places. Follow Aqarat4u to know more about the touristic places in Alexandria.

2,427 total views, 1 views today

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