How to write an attractive Description to Get the Potential Tenants ?

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  • Published Date: March 20, 2017
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Brokers, landlords, and tenants tend to use property search engines while listing or searching for properties.

In this article, we will talk to brokers and landlords who offer their properties for rent.

You need to give an utmost care to the property description. How?

    • Be Updated:
      Of course you’re not going to update the address or the architectural style of the property, but people get attracted to the descriptions that suit the current weather which means that if you’re offering the property in summer, you need to include information about the vents, the air conditions, and the sun rays that enter the house. As for winter, you should write about how comfy and cozy the home is, and the heaters if available,
    • Avoid Shorthand:
      In the description, you may find jargons like 3r/4recp which refer to 3 rooms and 4 receptions, but who is going to understand it?
      You need to urge the tenants to read the description till the end; but such jargons make them leave the page immediately.
      Make it clear, Write the whole details, and highlight the features of the property.
    • State the Price Clearly:
      Most of the brokers and landlords try to hide the price or write it in a vague way; thinking that the price may prevent the tenants from calling. On the other hand, the first thing that tenants search for is the price and when they can’t reach it, they just assume that they can’t afford it or that you’re trying to be shady which isn’t a good thing.
      So, if you think differently, you’ll find that you need only potential tenants to contact you which means that making the price obvious will only attract the tenants who are interested in it.

Follow the obvious steps while writing the description of the property and you’ll attract as many potential tenants as possible.

320 total views, 1 views today

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