How to Make a Home Maintenance?

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  • Published Date: March 9, 2017
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Who among us do not suffer from home’s malfunctions and need to call workers every now and then in order to repair the malfunctions?

So, what about following this approach “prevention is better than cure”? Meaning that, you yourself  can apply a periodical maintenance for the entire home and machines in order to avoid disasters.

In this article, Aqarat4u will tackle some tips concerning home maintenance and cleaning.

Plumbing and Pipes Maintenance:

There are a lot of plumbing issues that need a plumber to fix. However, there are some things that you can do by yourself in order to avoid the malfunctions. For instance, the clogging of the sink  happens frequently especially in the kitchen sink due to the poured oil. To clear the sink, pour a half cup of a baking soda and a half cup of vinegar. Another way is to put a big teaspoon of salt then a half cup of a baking soda and leave it for an hour after that, open the hot water, you’ll find out that clogging has completely disappeared,

Electrical Machines Maintenance:

Electric machines are one of the things that need periodical maintenance and care to avoid malfunctions. So, you need to give more care to its cleanliness every now and then, and make sure that the cables are working well. Also, every machine needs a special care. For example, the refrigerator mustn’t be filled more than its capacity to save the compressor.

As for the air condition, it needs a consistent maintenance and the filters shall be cleaned before summer to make sure that it’s working.

Doors and Windows Maintenance:

We all suffer from the doors and the windows that make a noisy sound while moving and the ones that move hardly. There are a lot of carpentry malfunctions. The solution is easy, you can pour some oil on the hinges and you’ll find that the noisy sound disappeared completely and that it moves easily.
There still more details that we can tackle later. Stay tuned for more about cleaning homes and how to organize it.

526 total views, 1 views today

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